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SILVER STAG Knives are NOT mass produced production knives. Every single unit is hand made by skilled craftsmen and no two knives will ever be exactly the same. The company uses three types of High Carbon Tool Steel to manufacture their exclusive designs; D2, 1095, and 15N20.

The SILVER STAG collection has grown to over 50 extremely functional blade designs, each one classified into one of EIGHT Series, categorized by the steel, antler, and construction method used in the manufacturing process. These Series are;

Crown Series Crown Series

( 17 Styles )

Damascus Series Damascus Series

( 13 Styles )

Tool Steel Series Tool Steel Series

( 8 Styles )

Elk Stick Series Elk Stick Series
(9 Styles)

Slab Series Slab Series

( 9 Styles )

Point Series Point Series

( 3 Styles )

Scrimshaw Series Scrimshaw Series

( View Samples )

Sword Series Sword Series

( 1 Style )

Pocket Series New!

Chef Butcher Series New!

Gamer Hot! New!
Blade L = 3”
Overall = Approx 7”


 What's New
Pocket Series New!

Chef Butcher Series New!

Crown Skinner
Crown Skinner New!

Blade L= 3.5 inches.
Overall L= Approx 9 inches.

Gamer Hot! New!
Blade L = 3”
Overall = Approx 7”

Gut Twist (NEW)
Gut Twist (NEW) New!

Blade L= 4”
Overall L= Approx. 7.5 inch / Full Tang Construction
Twist Pattern – Skinning Blade Design with Gut Hook and Elk Antler Scales

Happy Camper (NEW)
Happy Camper (NEW) New!

Blade L= 6”  / 240 Layers / Twist Pattern / Drop Clip Design / Elk Antler Scales  
Overall L= Approx. 10 .5 inch / Full Tang Construction  
The Ultimate Camp Knife! Extremely Functional and Impressive. Our proudest Piece.

Small Gamer Point
Small Gamer Point New!
D2 Steel / Blade L = 3
Overall = Approx. 7”

Small Notch Folder (FSN3.25)
Small Notch Folder (FSN3.25) New!

Small Notch Folder (FSN3.25)
D2 Blade L = 3.25” / Weight = 4 oz.
Open = 7.75” / Closed = 4.

The Squirrel
The Squirrel On Sale! New!
The Squirrel Knife Features a Handmade, Razor Sharp 2" D2 Steel Blade, (Overall Knife Approx. 8.75").

We are taking scrap steel, and antler too small for our other designs, and building a Small Game and/or Patch knife. I could personally process an entire Elk with this knife, but most sportsmen will use it for Small Game or Upland Birds. It includes a nice handmade leather pouch sheath.

Custom High Carbon Hunting and Fishing Combo Pack
Custom High Carbon Hunting and Fishing Combo Pack On Sale! New!
This is an awesome 1095 Carbon Steel Hunting and/or Fishing Custom Combo Pack.

The Pack Includes a 6" Fillet and/or Boning Knife with a 3" Gutting and/or Skinning Knife. Both blades are Handmade and Jeweled with Elk Tine Antler Handles .

The Pack includes a very nice thick leather piggy back sheath . Note: 1095 Tool Steel will rust if the blades are not cleaned and oiled after each use.

If you were going to purchase the knives separately, the cost would be $190. In summary, you are getting two custom handmade knives for $77.50 each!

Special Price : $155.00 with No Charge Engraving and Free Shipping

DROP NOSE On Sale! New!

The New DROP NOSE Features a Handmade, 1095 High Carbon Tool Steel 3.75" Blade (Overall L = 8.5"), Manufactured in Full Tang Construction with Elk Antler Scale Handles.

This is our First Ever Full Tang, 1095 Carbon Steel Knife! A Great All-Purpose Hunting or Camping Knife Built for Extreme Use. The Knife includes a Handmade Leather Pouch Sheath.

Fish and Gamer
Fish and Gamer On Sale! New!

The Fish and Gamer Features a 4.25", handmade D2 Steel Blade (8.75" Overall), built in full tang construction with Whitetail Deer Scale Handles.    

My Favorite New Design! If I could only pick one design to use for all of my Hunting and Fishing activities, this would be it.

Why? I can skin, bone, cape, fillet, and gut with this particular design. It deserves an award.

It includes a handmade quality leather pouch sheath.

Medium Notch Folder (FMN3.5)
Medium Notch Folder (FMN3.5) New!

Md. Notch Folder (FMN3.5)
D2 Blade L = 3.5” / Weight = 5 oz
Open = 8.3” / Closed = 4.5”
(Crown / Burr antler handle)

Sidekick Pro
Sidekick Pro On Sale! New!

The New Sidekick Pro Features a Handmade D2 Steel 6” Blade (Overall Knife is 11.75”), built in Full Tang Construction with Elk Antler Scale Handles.

A Navy Seal Friend of mine bought this design the minute he saw it! If you want a knife that will go the distance, and make a statement too, this is the knife.

This is a fantastic Camp, Survival, and/or Fighting Knife.  It includes a hand-made pouch sheath that can be worn horizontal or vertical.

Large Notch Folder (FLN4.0)
Large Notch Folder (FLN4.0) New!

Large Notch Folder (FLN4.0)
D2 Blade L = 4” / Weight = 6.5 oz
Open = 9.5” / Closed = 5”

Small Back Lock (FSBL2.5)
Small Back Lock (FSBL2.5) New!

Small Back Lock (FSBL2.5) 
D2 Blade L = 2.5” / 2.5 oz
Open = 6.5” / Closed 3.6”

Large Back Lock (FLBL4.0)
Large Back Lock (FLBL4.0) New!

Large Back Lock Folder / Alaskan Caribou Antler (FLBL4.0)
D2 Steel Blade L = 3.75” / Weight = 3 oz.
Open = 7.75” / Closed = 4.0

Bullnose Slab
Bullnose Slab New!

Blade L= 3 1/2 inches. Overall L= 7 inches

Bullnose Slab

Kyle Caper
Kyle Caper On Sale!
Blade L= 4 inch.
Overall L= Approx. 9 inches

Frontier Fighter
Frontier Fighter New!
D2 Blade = 7inches
Overall = 12 Inches
Brass end cap, sandblasted finish.
Pouch sheath vertical or horizontal wear

Schnoor Hunter
Schnoor Hunter New!
Blade L= 4 inches. Overall L= 9 inches

Schnoor Hunter

Beef Eater
Beef Eater New!

Blade L= 4.0 inches.
Overall L= Approx 7 inches.

Carver Set
Carver Set New!
D2 Blade L= 8 inches / Overall = 15”
D2 Fork Overall L= 12” 

Includes Custom Wood Box

Cleaver Set
Cleaver Set New!
Blade L= 6 inches / Overall = 12”
Fork Overall L= 12 inches.

Includes Custom Wood Box

Drop Neck
Drop Neck New!

Blade L= 2 3/4 inches.
Overall L= Approx 6 inches.

Gut Slab
Gut Slab New!

Blade L = 2.75 inches.
Overall = 7 inches.

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